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About Us

Sweet Fantasy Resort

Perched on the golden sands of Bengal, Sweet Fantasy Resort is a shoreside resort in Mandarmoni. An unequivocal stay amid tall coconut trees and lush lawns, our resort and suites by the virgin blue tides. Let the coastal air caress your skin as you wake up every morning to the picturesque views of the beach. Curated with majestic waves of Bay of Bengal, Sweet Fantasy Resort promises a rustic lifestyle, seasoned by modernity.

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Sea Deck

In our Sweet Fantasy Resort with its stunning Sea views and delicious food, Sea Deck is sure to make any occasion memorable.Enjoy your day with us at Mandarmani.

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Our Restaurant

Our passion for food runs deep. If we aren’t proud of a dish, we don’t serve it. If a garnish isn’t adding to the flavour profile, don’t bother. We’re not in this to boost our egos, we just love great tasting food. For this reason, we take great care to source beautiful, sustainable ingredients and prepare them with precision and attention to detail.

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Our Spacial Services

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is a perfect place to relax, cool off and enjoy fun time with your loved ones. It is equipped with latest technology and maintained to the highest standard, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

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Our Spacial Services

Banquet Hall

Sweet Fantasy Resort, Mandarmani – The leading business resort offers you spacious meeting rooms with around 1800 square feet of space for various corporate and social events.

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Our Spacial Services


Our hotel offers a state-of-the-art room and relaxing spa services, all under one roof. Experience the best of fitness and wellness in the heart of Mandarmani, Kolkata.

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